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In recent years we have reached a point where visualizations have become so great that it is a vital part of project sales. Beautiful stylish imagery is seen as a commodity , and ultimately , renderings are winning commissions. customers understand pictures better than plans , with technology constantly evolving , takeawalk3d is one of the first to make use of visualization techniques that normally produce the tempting realistic graphics in movies and video games.  In 2014 we startet testing the different game engiens, and found that bulding houses and project was ideal.
Today Takeawalk are done with the testing and our passionated staff is ready for your busniess, 

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We will build your entire project , every wall , every tree- and every brick.
every detail you attribute value can be reproduced exactly as it is Our models will inform and explain your project. Unlike photos and video , can .The potential buyer even walk around the 3D model. it takes place either as a computer game or as something new via Virtual reality 

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For Fredierica city, Real Dania, Adsbøll & sønner og Domea

In October 2015 the first building in FredericiaC : Frederik house was started .
The building contains 54 apartments and 600 m2 office premises,
which enjoys an enviable location right next to the first channel in the new 
canal and overlooking Lillebælt.

While the actul building began in october, the takeawalk building procces started in December 2015 and was finished in Marts 2016.

The Product will be presented for the local public on the Bolig/Mad/livstils messe in Fredericia but also on the mipim expo in cannes.

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O. Adsbøll og Sønner A/S

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